Top 3 Ways Custom Design Shoes Help Brands to Provide Top-Notch Services

The competition in the online fashion world is increasing. Thus it ensures that the industry grows exponentially. In fact, what many people perceived to be a threat actually turned out to be of great opportunity as people are more indulged in spending online and their choices for product has also improved. The design shoes online offer robust business solutions to footwear brands and help them to advance their businesses with the latest technology. The customization tool comes with a built-in digital feature allowing customers to design and try out the personalized shoes in 3d.

Custom Design Shoes Supports Brands to be at the Top-Game

According to the Global Newswire, the online fashion e-commerce market is still slated to grow at a CAGR of 11.5 percent for the next three years. This represents an opportunity for ecommerce fashion brands to knuckle-down and ramps up marketing to capitalize on this growth. As the new year is approaching, many brands must be eagerly waiting to start their 2021 with a bang, and that we have highlighted a few trends to be kept in mind. These trends will help footwear manufacturers and retailers to enter the new year in a position of strength.

Let us dive in to understand more about the drivers prompting growth in the footwear industry:

1. Surging in Influencer Marketing

As people are more indulged in mobiles and online shopping, brands had to look for alternatives that entice them. The answer is Influencer Marketing. Though fashion and luxury companies have been targeting various social media influencers for a long time, as the shopping trend is changing, brands also need to change their approach. Just offering your services is not enough. Today we live in the era of individuality, and if brands fail to cater to these demands, then nothing can be done. Through social media and its influencers, the high-end brands and SMEs need to instill the thought of customization. Empowering customers to be trendsetters provides a next-level brand value to your company, and in return, you get loyalty and massive customer reach. The customize shoes online is one such tool that holds expertise in providing modern-day business solutions to fashion and luxury brands that help them reshape and adopt a new approach to the target audience.

2. Rising Social Commerce

As discussed above, the rise in online shopping is at its peak, and nothing could hamper its growth. The closure of brick-and-mortar stores for a long time, their gradual opening, social distancing are all together furthering the growth of the ecommerce business. Seeing these trends, want to encash and hit when the iron is hot. Social commerce, a native shopping experience on a social media platform, offers shoppers more seamless possible ways to shop online. Instead of clicking through to a third-party website, users can make purchases right from the social media app or site.

Shops are custom storefronts for businesses on Instagram and Facebook. Sellers can create collections of featured products, as well as modify the look of their Shop with banners, images, colors, and buttons.

3. Growing AI-Powered Shopping Experiences

When shoppers are buying online, and there are so many competitive sides that they can switch, you have to show how different you are from the rest. Adopting the right technology at the right time is the only way forward. Augmented reality, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are here to stay. They are powerful tools that enhance consumers to navigate various solutions on your site and help you do business with ease. Consumers’ stored data, simple communication, innovation in presenting products, and personalized shopping are combined. The resultant support your business to take-off and reach a place where others can only hope to be.


As we are approaching the end of the year, we expect to see more online shoppers in the next year. Yes, it is true that trends come and go, but one thing is certain that ecommerce is here to stay forever. In fact, with time, it will even grow at a meteoroid speed, and brands that show reluctance to jump on this ship now will regret it forever. The design shoes online by iDesigniBuy offers such latest business solutions that will help companies spur in the footwear market and inspire others to flow with the flow.

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Being the founder of a software company specializing in web and mobile application development, I have around 18 years of experience in the industry.

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Nitin Nimbalkar

Being the founder of a software company specializing in web and mobile application development, I have around 18 years of experience in the industry.