Custom T-Shirts Online Enables Fashion Brands Grapple with Bracketing Issue

Nitin Nimbalkar
4 min readFeb 1, 2022


With eCommerce becoming the biggest profit source in the fashion industry, many leading brands have moved to the online marketplace. Undoubtedly the platform offers various perks to fashion companies, but it brings certain issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. The biggest problem many online brands face is cart abandonment; no matter how many strategies they implement, this issue remains unresolved. However, we have a better solution to deal with the problem, such as the custom t-shirt design software, a customization software that enables apparel brands and retailers to let their customers design their garments. This strategy allows them to reduce the cart abandonment problem as their buyers will purchase apparel they need and whichever design and color combination they like.

Custom T-Shirts Online Offers Solutions to Reduce Over Ordering Solutions

In the last two years, eCommerce gained huge momentum as many industries moved to the online portal for continuing business. The fashion industry saw a silver lining in this shift as it provided an equal platform for leading and emerging brands and designers to display their collection lines. However, the common habit of filling up online carts with multiple sizes and colors of the same item remained the same. And since they had to stay at home and order, they would purchase a bundle of clothes, try them on at home, decide what they like, and send back the rest. This practice of ordering multiple products in pursuit of the right size and style, known as bracketing, seems innocent but is wreaking havoc on retailers’ bottom lines. Bracketing also increases the number of items going back to the fulfilment centre; the backward flow reduces the capacity to hold other inventories. Additionally, free returns are costly for brands and require more labor and space without the guarantee of reselling items that were returned.

According to a report by Vogue Business, bracketing is the primary reason for almost 15 per cent of online returns coming from multi-brand retailers. A Narvar study indicates that in November last year, 58 per cent of shoppers tend to buy products from online storefronts than they intend to keep. The pandemic fueled this trend because, during the lockdowns, shoppers’ homes became their trial rooms as the brick-and-mortar stores were closed. The return rate is up and estimated to be around 30 per cent of online goods were returned during the holiday season in the US. According to CBRE, these returns represent around $66.7 billion worth of purchases. The figure suggests that this is 46 per cent higher than the average from 2016-to 2020. These increasing costs and excessive returns lead to harmful impacts on the environment and increase man-made waste.

Besides, the ongoing supply chain disruptions, such as delayed shipments, delivery cost inflation, and out-of-stock items, have made returns difficult to navigate. Retailers seek ways to minimize returns and reduce bracketing as online shopping will continue to grow. Apparel brands need to incorporate solutions that reduce cart abandonment issues and enhance their shopping experience. These solutions will enable fashion houses to build direct relationships with their store associates and customers. Likewise, the customized t-shirts online offers customization solutions to clothing companies that aid them in reducing return rates and cart abandonment ration. With the help of the tool, your customers can seamlessly design their garments and modify the existing texture, color, and style of a t-shirt by using 3d technology. These two features combined help garment houses to continue their market expansion while listening to customers’ demands and looking after the planet. Since customers will have the upper hand in determining how and what should they wear and can virtually try it on, they are less likely to over order and throw away the products. Also, brands won’t have to overproduce their collection unnecessarily or unless demanded by customers. Thus, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the customization software is a jackpot for the fashion industry.

Suppose brands are unsure how the new-age technology can effectively handle the bracketing problem. In that case, they can also learn from the example set by Rihanna’s lingerie label Savage x Fenty. The brand has opened its first brick-and-mortar store in Las Vegas and offers a “first-of-its-kind retail experience” through technological activations and in-store innovation. Its physical space will mirror its online identity and eCommerce, conveying its social community outside of the digital-only realm. The pop-star has also said that the top management wanted to connect with customers in real life and give them something they had never seen before.

Closing Comments-

The eCommerce sector is rising at a staggering rate. As a result, many fashion brands need to constantly experiment with what they have and how they plan to display it to their buyers. As more businesses are moving online, it is a lot easier for fashion brands to gather customers’ data and understand what are they looking for. The ones that thrive will be the ones managing information in the best way. The custom t-shirt design software by iDesigniBuy enables fashion houses to build an understanding of customers as the tool provides customization options to your buyers. They can seamlessly design their t-shirts and other garments and add any monogram or print on the apparel using the software. The tool offers revolutionary solutions that enable companies to maintain their loyal customers. And as eCommerce continues to develop, fashion companies will need a tool that offers them an edge over the others that allow them to expand their business.

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