How Can Web To Print Solutions Change the Fashion World?

Nitin Nimbalkar
3 min readJun 6, 2022


We live in an age where the internet is taking a new form and emerging as Web3, where 3d printing or additive manufacturing is dominating the fashion sector. The technology has the potential to move us away from the era of mass production and bring in new collection lines. The web to print design software offers an innovative platform for fashion houses to explore their customers’ creativity and let them design their apparel, footwear, handbags, and many other products. The tool comes with built-in digital technology that enables fashion houses to let their customers preview the product they have designed before placing an order.

Web to Print Solutions Enables Fashion Brands to Bring in Digital Changes

The innovative solutions emerging in the digital era bring us to a new reality of customizable, one-off production. 3D printing or additive manufacturing is a broader term for solutions requiring lesser manufacturing methods and enables brands, designers, or retailers to express their ideas using the 3d model. It includes layer upon layer and can be used for rapid prototyping. The scope of 3D printing is endless, from instruments and toys to robots and mechanical parts; there’s almost no limit to what a 3D printer can create.

3D printing is advancing rapidly, and many experts believe that the technology holds immense potential for designers who were caught in the loop of traditional manufacturing. The central notion is that, unlike cutting and sewing, 3D printing doesn’t generate waste. Using filament, a melted material from plastic, and recycled wood to build up a product. Many experts are hopeful that they will be able to utilize recycled materials that can be melted at home one day. Many philanthropists believe that it would be to be able to hit a few buttons and produce mass amounts of clothing and other fashion products without wasting any resources. Set up a pop-up maker factory or run a 3d fabric printer using recycled filaments to create apparel and luxury products. However, to reach a mass scale, 3d printing needs to be promoted more aggressively and allow customers to download the clothes instead of buying them. On a similar note, the web to print online designer offers an innovative platform to fashion businesses enabling them to simplify and automate orders and reordering for their retail, corporate & reseller clients.

One of the most encouraging aspects of moving to 3D printing is that it has the potential to impact the sustainability aspect of the fashion industry. Sustainability within fashion is one of the most attractive qualities for apparel and luxury brands and retailers to demonstrate to their buyers. 3D printing has the potential to render exclusivity a moot point. Consumers generally face the problem of buying or returning products that don’t fit them, leading to unsold products piling up. The advanced solutions will help brands deal with these issues and cater to the dynamic needs of individuals. Currently, 3D printed fashion remains exclusively reserved for runway fashion shows, and several leading and budding designers are exploring the new avenue for more profit.

3D printed clothes in the time again have proved themselves to be comfortable, flexible, and sometimes even closer to conventional fabrics. Nevertheless, a combination of factors makes it challenging for the fashion industry to keep the novel solutions on hold for the market. It can be incredibly hard for 3D printed fashion to compete with the conventional marketplace, with one of the main obstacles being cost. It is time-consuming to create high-quality clothing and requires expertise to assemble apart for heavy cost properly. Therefore, many brands may have reluctant to incorporate new changes into their business model.

Looking at the future:

Indeed, digital solutions are the future for the fashion industry if it is serious about its commitments to the environment. It helps them reduce their carbon and environmental footprints as fewer clothes will be wasted, and they will be made to order. iDesigniBuy’s web to print design software enables brands to strike a balance between their revenue and production processes. It helps your customers design their clothes, footwear, and other fashion products using 3d technology.

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