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Nitin Nimbalkar
1 min readNov 10, 2022

We have two services under pre-editing, Semi-Automated and Server Based. Our Semi-Automated services intend to resolve inconsistencies and structures in the format of books, journals, and others based on the template provided by the author.

Our pre-editing services impose XML and DTD on the file after the operator selects standard elements, capitalization, units, and other forms. It further examines and creates links for citations, references, equations, figures, tables, and more. Check pre editing service

Our copyediting services follow certain standards divided into three categories basic, standard, and advanced. We aim to copyedit around 900,00 pages per journal and book every year.

We seek to offer top-grade experience to our publishers with our comprehensive insight into journal workflow to provide you with the finest peer review management services for your publication.

We aim to offer innovative supply chain logistic solutions to lessen the WMS spending of our clients’ companies. We trust our global industry and expertise to assist organizations with logistics and supply chain management software integration.

We have our teams distributed in different areas of procedures to enable specific services available for our Copy Editing Services projects. We team up to help our clients with best-in-class copyediting solutions for different stages.

Our expertise led our authors to simplify all the complexities of content and other aspects of publishing. Nova Techset intends to customize the XML workflow based on the requirement for everlasting triumph along with maintaining content morals all over the process. Composition Services



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