Understanding Role of Customization Software in Apparel Industry

Nitin Nimbalkar
4 min readJul 7, 2022

The role of 3D printing and clothing personalization in fashion is constantly evolving, and the interest and appreciation of designers for technology is increasing significantly. Everyone sees this tremendous growth as a good sign for the full spectrum of fashion across all industries from high end to low end, as well as various fashion software.

One of the most important factors is awareness and education. Various apparel companies integrate 3D clothing design software to offer high-end customization and design according to customer requirements. The first is the traditional method known as haute couture. So the idea of ​​fashion and apparel companies adopting this innovative technique is an exciting move.

The introduction of 3D techniques and software for 3D clothing design in all countries involved in the development of a new generation of designers and fashion development is certainly a gradual and continuous process that has a positive impact on the industry. This may explain why the industry may not see major changes immediately, but it may not in the future.

Benefits of 3D printing and technology-based customization:

3D printing and customization software allows online clothing companies to expand beyond traditional design boundaries and bring some of the most cutting-edge design concepts to life. We see the development of conventional methods of fabric production, such as pattern cutting and fabric processing, growing in three dimensions.

Digitally designed materials offer great potential in terms of advanced physical properties, especially due to the ability to adhere to all defined textile domains. For example, you can make certain fabrics that are waterproof, opaque, flexible, or stiff and then combine those elements so that those components can be incorporated into clothing.

Great adaptability, which is another great advantage this industry has for fashion lovers. Clothing that suits the shape and curve of every part of the body can now be made by carrying the right personality. This capability will also enable 3D printing in other areas of fashion such as recreation and sports and possibly medical supplies. Since this is a new area, we still have to challenge ourselves to use this new design freedom to visualize our next steps and open up our new front.

Create clothes using 3D printing in conjunction with fashion design software:

Material development is an important element for accelerating the penetration of technology in fashion design software, and in this regard, the design community is very attractive. At iDesigniBuy, we develop end-to-end fashion design software that meets the demands of the new era of the fashion industry and helps apparel companies stand out from the competition.

The fact is that we are constantly exploring more modern options in terms of materials, colors, textures and images, so the fashion design software offering is constantly evolving. A number of important steps have been taken in this area, most notably the launch of new clothing-based personalization software. This is a colorful 3D software with a lot of content.

Combine directly with clothes:

This year we have developed several new 3D personalization software, such as: jeans personalization software, 3D shirt design software and many more. Our goal is to uncover the best 3D customization options that allow fashion and apparel companies to offer 3D customization to their customers. It has recently become clear that this is possible with the help of our 3D solutions for customizing high-resolution clothing — an exciting success for the industry. By combining traditional textiles with digitally crafted and tailor-made clothing, we want to bridge the gap and take advantage of the faster adoption of technology with online clothing websites.

Another advantage of installing a robust and custom solution is that the garment is more comfortable for the wearer. All fabrics should be soft and touch the skin of the wearer, and special designs can be applied to the outside of the garment. This increases user comfort and satisfaction.

A futuristic approach to personalization in fashion:

The concept of personalization to reach a large market is sometimes debated, but we know that such a plan needs to be made with care and the implications of important market decisions need to be considered.

Ultimately, we hope that the fashion world will return to more durable models that involve more local production, with smaller designs and products that compete in the domestic market.

The evolving impact of clothing customization decisions on fashion will be interesting and we need to see how it challenges and changes our perception of fashion.

In this highly digital world of technology, fashion can be seen as an important means of demonstrating the extraordinary ability to individualize design in other fields as well — be it consumer goods, automobiles, etc.

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